The B.Sc.  Banking and Finance Programme (under the UME Mode) structure is designed to last for a period of four (4) years studies in the University. Within this period, the following areas are covered:

(i)                 General Education Courses

These courses are aimed at producing well-rounded, morally and intellectually capable graduates with vision and entrepreneurial skills to operate in an environment of peace and social cohesiveness.  A total of nineteen (19) credit units spread over twelve (12) compulsory General Study Courses have been structured into the B.Sc. Banking and Finance Programme.

(ii)               Core/Compulsory Courses

These courses aim at imparting core banking and related financial management competences and skills to enable graduates meet changing banking needs/requirements of different organization, and be professionally qualified for successful career in accounting. To graduate in this programme, students are compulsorily required to take and pass a total of one hundred and thirty-five (135) credit units spread over fifty-seven (57) of such core courses within the target four-year period of study.

(iii)             Elective Courses

These are courses that students take within or outside the College of Management Sciences to broaden their general knowledge and competences.  Usually a list of such courses are provided from which students are required to select a specified  number or credit units to take and pass before  graduation.

(iv)            Optional/Non-Compulsory Courses.

These courses offer students the flexibility of exercising their interests’ beyond the required courses for banking programme.  Students are at liberty to opt for optional courses based exclusively on their interest.  Such students may graduate without passing the course(s).

However, any grades obtained in optional courses are included in determining the final CGPA of students. 

(v)               Research Seminar and  Project in Banking and Finance

These are core/compulsory areas of study that aim at developing students’ skills in conceptualizing banking research problems and in analyzing and writing original research reports in the field of banking. Students are required to conduct empirical and /or library research on contemporary banking topics for seminar presentations.  They are also required to orally present and defend their research report before a team of External and Departmental Board of Examiners in their final year of study.