Philosophy & Objectives

Philosophy & Objectives


The underlying philosophy of the department of Entrepreneurial Studies  is to engender Entrepreneurial spirit, the right perspective to wealth creation and to train/equip students with the desired knowledge to master the right tools, techniques and methods which will empower them to create wealth, be self reliant and the employers of labour.


The main objectives of the B.Sc Degree programme of the Department of Entrepreneurial Studies are to:

i.              Engender Entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in the mind of its products which will make them wealth creators.

ii.            Develop students’ sense of purpose to valuable tools and     insights on good project management.

iii.            Develop in student the mindset to be self-reliant, creative, and to evaluate valuable business opportunities in the environment.

iv.            Equip the students to be change agents in their environment, through thought provoking and innovative ventures.