The VISION OF THE DEPARTMENT is to train/equip students with the desired knowledge to master the right tools, techniques and methods which will empower them to create wealth, be self reliant and the employers of labour.


Students are to registered their courses online at the beginning of each semester and for the stipulated period as approved by the senate. Students registering courses outside the department/ college must physically register with the relevant department or college.


It is compulsory for all fresh students to matriculate at a formal ceremony organized by the university. The matriculation ceremony is usually fixed by the university management after the students’ registration. Every matriculating student shall take the matriculation oath and sign the register.



The underlying philosophy of the department of Entrepreneurial Studies  is to engender Entrepreneurial spirit, the right perspective to wealth creation and to train/equip students with the desired knowledge to master the right tools, techniques and methods which will empower them to create wealth, be self reliant and the employers of labour.


The main objectives of the B.Sc Degree programme of the Department of Entrepreneurial Studies are to:

  • engender Entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in the mind of its products which will make them wealth creators.
  • develop students’ sense of purpose to valuable tools and     insights on good project management.
  • develop in student the mindset to be self-reliant, creative, and to evaluate valuable business opportunities in the environment.
  • equip the students to be change agents in their environment, through thought provoking and innovative ventures.


The department is administered by a Head of Department who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor through the Dean of the college. There is a Departmental Board made up of all academic staff.The Head of Department is the Chairman of the Departmental Board. The departmental Board is the Highest decision making Organ in the Department in relation toacedemic affairs. The Department operates the committee system.

Duration of study

Our academic program runs for four ( 4) years. The first year, student take the general university wide courses. From year two,students are taught courses on entrepreneurship and are involved in a practical classes where they gain expertise and the required knowledge and training in entrepreneurship. In addition, in fourth year students carry out individual research projects under the supervision of a member of the Department/faculty. The Research reports are presented for external examination.

Grading system

The grading system used by the university is as follows;

Score (%) Grade point
70-100 A 5
60-69 B 4
50-59 C 3
45-49 D 2
40-44 E 1
0-39 F 0

The minimum pass grade is E. the performance of students is evaluated by the use of grade point averages (GPA). A grade point average is the ratio of the total number of points scored by the student to the total credit registered by the student. Grade point average are calculated each semester.Culmulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are used to track the ;progression of students over the time.The Culmulative grade point average is the ratio of the total point scored by a student to the total registered credit in two or more semesters. A student with a CGPA of less than one in any given session is placed on probation. During this period, the student is required to repeat failed courses. The student is not allowed to register courses in levels higher than the year of probation

The CGPA is used to determine a student’s class of degree at the end of his/her programme as follows:

CGPA Class of Degree
4.50-5.00 1st class
3.50-4.49 2nd class upper
2.50-3.49 2nd class lower
1.50-2.49 3rd class
1.00-1.49 pass

Students should note that the pass class of degree has been phased out by the Nigerian University Commission System. This then means that a student is requires a minimum CGPA of 1.50 to graduate.


Each student shall carry the minimum semester credit unit of 15 units and a maximum of 24 units as approved by the senate for the courses mapped out for students in entrepreneurial studies department.

Students are allowed to carry semester credit unit load in excess as approved by senate for him/her as shown below:

S/NO CGPA Excess credit Unit per Semester
1 3.50 and above 3
2 3.00-3.49 2
3 2.00-2.99 1
4 Below 2.00 Nil

Application for Excess credit Load

  • all applicants for excess credit ;load should fall within the Add/ Drop Registration period
  • Such applications duly processed at the college level should be directed to the senate for approval